Eyebrow shaping and tinting

Course Content

This course will teach you all you need to know about eyebrow definition, either for your own use or for your beauty therapy business. Care of the eyebrows has become a very important part of the beauty industry. Eyebrows are considered to be one of the most significant and defining features on the human face. Eyebrows form a frame for one’s face. They accent the eyes, and they are important communication tools, expressing shock, surprise, anger and other emotions. They are also important for keeping dust and perspiration away from one’s eyes. As eyebrows are often neglected, this course will teach you how to shape, trim and fill in eyebrows to make them aesthetically attractive to other people. This course will take you through all the steps to be able to deliver perfect eyebrows.

What You Will Learn

  • Proper safety and hygiene when working with eyebrows.
  • You will be able to work step by step to decide what your client wants and how to implement it.
  • How to make clients look more youthful by presenting them with impeccably groomed brows.
  • How to shape the brows to complement the face shape, age and appearance of your client.
  • How to avoid the untidy, uncared for eyebrows which make the whole person, however well-groomed in other ways, look unkempt.
  • To create a sense of symmetry to the whole face by balancing the eyebrows.
  • To correct minor symmetrical flaws in face shape or eye size by producing perfect brows which attract positive attention.
  • Techniques of measuring, colouring, waxing and defining the eyebrows.

Course Benefits

  • Gain a skill which will add a further dimension to your beauty business or home life.
  • Be more employable and in demand by clients.
  • Make progress from being a beauty therapist to being an aesthetician.
  • Bring a wider range of skills into your business, which will make you more popular with clients.
  • Achieve a skill which can always be used both casually and in a work situation.
  • Apply the skills learnt to other areas of the body, to improve your business offering
4 hours pre study 3 hours practical training 3 models required 
Does not include kit - all products tools and equipment supplied at the academy for training.

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