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Course Content

This course will teach you all you need to know about the perfect facial, with which you can spoil your clients in your beauty therapy business. Facials are one of the backbones of the beauty therapy industry. A good facial treatment will cover all aspects of cleansing, toning, moisturising, exfoliating and extraction, as well as facial massage and deep skin treatments, such as serums and eye treatments. A well-qualified facial therapist will add enormous value to a client by offering a therapy which can, at times, seem almost life-changing. This course will take you through all the steps required to enable you to deliver the perfect facial.

What You Will Learn on This Course:

  • Proper safety and hygiene when offering a facial treatment
  • How to work step by step to decide what your client wants, and how to implement it
  • How to make clients look more youthful by presenting them with a perfect facial
  • How to successfully offer a full range of facial treatments to make the client feel amazing
  • About the bones, muscles and skin types of the human face
  • To correct skin problems and give the client a great facial experience
  • To advise the client on various techniques and products for home aftercare
  • Techniques of cleansing, toning, moisturising, extraction, facial massage and advanced skin therapies, to give the client healthier, more youthful-looking skin

Course Benefits

  • You will have an ability which will add a further dimension to your beauty career
  • You will be more employable and more in demand by clients
  • You will be progressing from being a beauty therapist to being an aesthetician
  • You will be able to bring a wider range of mastery into your business, which will make you more popular with clients
  • You will have attained a skill which can always be used both casually and in a work situation
  • This skill, which includes all aspects of facial care, can be developed to also include other areas of skincare, such as hand or foot care
8hrs pre study 4 hrs practical training 2 models required.
Does not include kit - all products tools and equipment supplied at the academy for training.

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