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Flexi Tips

Flexi Press Tips are a new nail enhancement system that saves you time and money.
Flexi tips eastbourne

What are Flexi Tips?

Flexi Press Tips are a new nail enhancement system that uses gel products to bond a ready shaped full cover tip to the natural nail. The precision nails tips are made of special ABS material which are super flexible and kind to the natural nails. This enhancement can last up to 4 weeks, and can also be infilled or soaked off.

Natural looking nails, long lasting results

Flexi Press Tips are designed to be a time saver.
  • No more nasty smells
  • No more acrylic allergic reactions
  • Can be infilled or soaked off. 
  • Less appointments per month saving £££s 
  • Flexi tips eastbourne

Flexi tip Nails vs. Acrylic Nails on Nail Damage

As far as nail damage is concerned, flexi tip nails are less likely to damage your natural nails. Unless you roughly rip it off. Mostly, it is common to experience dryness and brittleness after removing the press on nails. This is because we dip our nails in acetone for a more extended period and acetone dries our nails and skin. When it comes to acrylic nails, they are pretty damaging, especially when reasonable care is not taken. So, you need to visit your nail technician after every two to three weeks for nail filling. Otherwise, the gap between your natural nail and acrylic nail may suffer from severe fungal infection due to moisture. In addition, over-filing your nail bed can weaken your nails, causing pain and infection. In short, flexi tips  are safer than acrylics.
Full set of flexi tips with your choice of colour and nail art 75 Minutes£40
Flexi tip removal and fresh set with your choice of colour and nail art 105 Minutes£50
Flexi tip removal and mini manicure includes nail tidy cuticle work and treatment to nails 30 £20

Flexi Tips

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