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Lash Lifts

A Lash Lift will make your lashes look longer with a nice lifting effect, making your eyes look amazing. The results will last the natural life cycle of your lashes. It doesn’t damage your lashes but in fact, make them appear thicker, fuller, and longer.
Lash lifts

Enhances your Natural Eyelash

Eyelash Lifting works on your natural eyelash

Using a combination of silicon rods and high grade solutions, we can lift and lengthen the natural eyelash into a complementary and desired style even your Eyelash Extension friends would be jealous of.  There is no need to add on anything to your lashes, we just work with what you naturally have and make it WOW!

Suitable for even short lashes

Advertising and social media has led us to assume that this treatment is only suitable for clients with long and thick lashes. This is not the case.  Eyelash lifting is designed for almost every lash length and thickness and you can still get amazing lifted results from shorter lashes because we have small sized apparatuses that are used to maximise your results with no lash length discrimination. 

Curls, lifts and gives the appearance of longer, darker lashes

Eyelash Lifting does it all! When your lashes are in their natural state they might be straight out from your eyelid or even downward facing, making their dimension appear stubby and short. When you have a lash lift your lashes have Curl and Lift giving the appearance of longer and even fuller lashes and after you’ve had a tint, your lashes will be as dark as the night sky. It’s the perfect trio!

Fast Activating

An eyelash lift treatment time can take as little as 40 mins. This treatment is incredibly popular for time poor clients, busy mums, business women or anyone who wants to utilise their lunch break for a power nap and a glamorous eyelash make over.
  • Lash lifts

Great alternative to Eyelash Extensions

Have you had a reaction to Eyelash Extensions or couldn’t keep up with the upkeep? Eyelash lifting could be for you. This amazing treatment is lower maintenance and a faster alternative all whilst still giving you that luscious natural feel.  You also have the added benefit of the treatment lasting for the life of your lash growth cycle so your appointments for infills aren’t every 2 – 3 weeks.  The cost for a full set of lash extensions plus infills every couple of weeks can add up also.  You will save some cash with a lash lift!  BONUS!

Low Maintenance

We all live busy lives these days and it can sometimes prove difficult to take some much-needed time out for yourself as often as you would like and to still feel glamorous. “Insert Eyelash Lifting here” Eyelash Lifting is a super quick treatment and ever lower maintenance. With minimal aftercare and only needing to visit for repeat booking for 6 weeks. Patch test is required 24hrs prior to treatment.

Post Treatment Care for 24 Hours

  • Avoid steam, hot showers, excess warm water and saunas for 24 hours – the steam or heat can soften the cuticle again while the lash is learning to love its new direction
  • Avoid shampoo, conditioners, makeup,  makeup removers, creams, eye serums on the lash/eye area for 24 hours.
  • Do not rub or play with your lashes
  • Avoid sleeping on your face. 

Lash Lifts


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